Welcome to HorrorFest XII

Thank you to everyone who watched this year's HorrorFest!  We can't wait to see you live and in person at HorrorFest 13!

And a big thank you to the filmmakers who submitted this year:

"Monte Creek" by Jim Henry and John Van Dyk

"Disorder" by Steve Merlo

"Into the Shadows" by Kelly Veltri

"Slasher Viewing Hour" by The Helmers

"Day Break" by Louisa Phung

"Final Cut" by Jacob Froese & Riley Gaboury

2021 HorrorFest Award Winners

Best Film - "Into the Shadows" by Kelly Veltri

Best Story - "Disorder" by Steve Merlo

Best Cinematography - "Into the Shadows" by Kelly Veltri

Best Makeup/SpecialFX - "Day Break" by Louisa Phung

Best Acting - "Slasher Viewing Hour" by The Helmers

Best Audio - "Into the Shadows" by Kelly Veltri

Best Death Scene - "Slasher Viewing Hour" by The Helmers

People's Choice Award - "Final Cut" by Jacob Froese & Riley Gaboury

Best of HorrorFest

HorrorFest began in 2009, and since then, has produced many great short horror films produced by locals in the Okanagan.

Please enjoy some of the best HorrorFest films from year's past.


HorrorFest films are not suitable for children, and may upset some adults.  They may contain graphic violence, strong language, and lewd behaviour. 

All content, views and opinions presented in these films belong to the filmmakers, and do not necessarily represent those of OSIF.  OSIF claims no ownership or copyright of any of the films.

Viewer discretion is strongly advised!

"Best of HorrorFest" YouTube Playlist


'The Howl' - by Kelly Veltri and Ryan Tebbutt


'Curse of the Cursed' by Wes Sutherland & Ryan Tebbutt

'Dig' - By Kelly Veltri


'That Hideous Strength' by Josh Wuenschel

'The Jamboree' by Kelly Veltri & Geoff Bunting


'Hitcher' by Geoff Bunting

'The Ritual - Army of the Dead by CATO 2012 Bootcamp

'Ninja King' by Doug Brown


'Harvest' by Geoff Bunting & Bobby Jude

'Nocte Agente' by Doug Brown

'Dante's Inferno' by Gary Potzkai


'Sage Mountain' by Zyan Panagopolous & Geoff Millar

'The Phoenix Solution' by Randy Kirk


'Nightmare' by Sheleah Bradley & Ashley Peacey

'Way Out' by Travis Cross

Poo Poo Baby by Dustin Jeffrey

'The Dream is Ready' by Brian Taylor


'Home' by Dylan Yastremski and Ryan Tebbutt

'Chiweenie' by Zan Klein

'The Wind' by Jim Henry


'Heartless' by Zan Klein

'Zombie in the Closet' by Ryan Tebbutt

'Poo Poo Baby 2' by Dustin Jeffrey


'Scarecrow' by Kelly Veltri and Matt Brown

'Adulthood' by Bowen O'Brien & Brian Taylor


'Burn, Witch, Burn!" by Tyler Messervey

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