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Déjà View

Ever felt you've seen the same film before, even though you haven't?  We call that Déjà View. This experiment contest is simple:  We give filmmaking teams the exact same script to shoot and edit.  What we hope to get are completely different results.

We want to see how different creative minds interpret and produce the same idea.

The 48

The 48 is a recurring 48-hour film festival open to any filmmaker located within the Okanagan. The premise is simple, OSIF provides filmmakers with a Genre, Prop, and Line of Dialogue, then filmmakers have 48 hours (often Friday-Sunday) to complete their 1 to 3-minute film.

The first festival ran in May 2020. 

Script 2 Screen

Script 2 Screen is a screenwriting and pitch contest.  Applicants must submit their short script along with a detailed submission list based around their project.  They then have to pitch their project to a panel of judges.  The judges will decide what project will win a prize package to help complete their short film.  Furthermore, their film will be played on the big screen at an OSIF Festival.

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