OSIF Legacy Award

The OSIF Legacy Award was created in 2021, to celebrate and honour the people, who have positively contributed as an OSIF member, and have put a substantial amount of volunteer time and dedication into building both the OSIF organization, and the Okanagan independent film industry.  Each recipient of this award receives a lifetime OSIF membership, and our sincere gratitude for their service to our community!

Jason Woodford

Jason moved to Canada in 2003 where he attended Vancouver Film School. After graduating he moved to Kelowna and immediately seeked out fellow filmmaking peers in the community. It is here he was introduced to OSIF. He eagerly volunteered to take on the website duties and just two weeks later he graduated to secretary. In 2004 Jason was nominated for president and his rein lasted till 2006 where he was integral part of The Okanagan Film Festival and the face of the filmmaking community. Jason is always willing to give a hand, and when you think about the strong roots of OSIF, you think of someone like Jason.

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